Who is Countess Kassandra

So who is this human who calls herself Countess Kassandra? She is a fun, flirty and playful 50-something who lives in the United States of America. She’s not only obsessed with sex and sex related topics but also law and politics. Although lately that is a topic area better avoided.

She works part-time in an adult boutique. This along with her blog allows her to help more people learn how to enhance and improve their sex lives!

Countess Kassandra has been married and monogamous for over 33 years to a most handsome man who is highly intelligent, funny and just ‘gets’ her. Two peas in a pod one might say. Opposite peas however in many ways though. These two kinky peas have raised two well mannered happy children who are now adults living in other areas of the country.

Kassandra and her handsome hubby are also pet parents. There has never been a time in their relationship when there wasn’t at least one dog or cat in their home.

Countess Kassandra also likes to read books. Often as you might expect, she reads erotica. More often than not though, it’s some type of non-fiction book that you can find in Kassandra’s hand.  Yes, an actual book.  She likes the feeling of the actual book in her hands. Kassandra says “if you are going to read you might as well learn something.”. She has an extensive collection of spiritual books ranging from the Bible to Toltec and Buddhist.

Cooking is another of Kassandra’s interests. As is the case for most great cooks she doesn’t use recipes. There are a few things though that Kassandra just cannot make. Things like omelets and pancakes. It makes no sense, but it is what it is.

Countess Kassandra is on a quest to find the ultimate bullet vibrator so there will be many bullet vibe reviews here on the blog. Of course having a clitoral orgasm isn’t the only thing that she enjoys. Canes, whips and other impact implements are important as well. So are the men’s toys that Handsome Hubby enjoys! Her style is more sensual than strict and painful.

Kassandra hopes you enjoy reading her blog. Please comment if there are any specific toys you’d like to see reviewed or topics regarding sex you’d like to read more about.