HemPleasure Female Stimulation Cream

NOTE: This item will soon be available for purchase through Countess Kassandra's Erotique Previously I reviewed the HemPleasure Male Stimulation Cream. Handsome hubby highly recommends it, especially for gentleman with erection issues. He has stated to me that it works better than Viagra, at least for him. The packaging for the Female Stimulation Cream differs... Continue Reading →

Thirty Sexy Questions!

So I saw this on Twitter the other day and thought these could be fun questions to answer. *When did you lose your virginity? I was actually 18 and in college when I lost my virginity. As in having intercourse. *Rough sex or soft sex? Both actually. Sometimes a girl just wants to be manhandled.... Continue Reading →

Jo Silicone Free Hybrid

NOTE: This item will soon be available for purchase through Countess Kassandra's Erotique. Regular readers of my blog have probably noticed that handsome hubby and I often use System JO's Silicone Free Hybrid Lubricant. This is a hybrid of Water and Coconut Oil. It's our favorite lube to use when playing with our toys. Many... Continue Reading →

Tantus Champion Dildo

I just have to say I am really a fan of this toy! When it first arrived in the mail from Tantus Inc., I was not sure that my vagina would be able to accommodate it and knew for sure that there was no way in, h-e-double hockey sticks (hell), that it was going in... Continue Reading →

Paloqueth Dolphin Vibrator

This is the third toy I've reviewed for Paloqueth and I must say it is my least favorite. Don't get me wrong, I still like it. It's just that that their Mermaid and the G-Spot Rabbit work better with my particular anatomy. The Dolphin is like most toys, able to be used in a variety... Continue Reading →

Sex and Football

Sometimes handsome hubby (HH) and I make playtime plans to test toys for review. Other times we just set a play date because we want to enjoy each other without my needing to concentrate on making mental notes for my reviews. My review queue is backing up though so we need to get going! Often... Continue Reading →

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