Countess Kassandra’s Erotique

Please note that I am making changes to my Erotique. If you’d like to purchase something and the link doesn’t work please contact me and I’ll be in touch.

NOW OPEN… A carefully curated collection of toys is now available (USA only for now) for my readers. These will be items that handsome hubby and/or I have reviewed so that my readers and customers can be assured that the toy is high quality, and that the toy does what the manufacturer purports it will do.

Countess Kassandra’s Erotique will only stock toys or products that we (Handsome Hubby and I) have personally tried and feel comfortable recommending to others.

All toys sold by Countess Kassandra’s Erotique are brand new in their original packaging, made with body safe materials, and toys come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Rechargeable toys will be turned on to ensure they are functioning correctly prior to shipping. This is especially important as adult toys are not returnable due to the nature of the products.

Battery operated toys will be tested for function as well, prior to shipping.

Should there be a specific toy you’d like to order, even if I haven’t reviewed it, let me know and I’ll see if I can get it for you.

I’m going old school at the start with a small inventory as I am only a one woman operation. You will be getting personalized service!

This is not a drop ship business. I am purchasing from wholesalers and carrying carefully selected items.

I’ll still be doing reviews and using affiliate links for manufacturers that sell directly to the public or through other online toy sellers. These would be for items I cannot or do not wish to carry.

In my head there is a vision of where this all will go. Time and effort will tell where it goes in reality. Nothing ventured, nothing gained…right?

Checkout my Teespring storefront and order your very own Countess Kassandra gear!

We also have many vintage spanking magazines available for sale. Look for info regarding those to be posted on Twitter over the next few months.