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Have an awesome new toy you want people to know about? Maybe you are an Indie toymaker and would like to have your toys reviewed so others will have the confidence to buy from you.

Perhaps your company specializes in BDSM toys/gear, lingerie, or other items such as lubricants, massage oils, candles, etc and you want to spread the word. Send me a message at and tell me what your needs are. Let’s see how we can help each other.

In the future, hopefully shortly, I will be offering advertising space on my website. Please contact me if you are interesting in being an advertiser or sponsor.

Currently I review the following products. As I am part of a longtime monogamous couple, products may be used by either my handsome hubby or myself. All toys must be made with *body safe materials.

  • Vibrators: Bullet, Vaginal, Dual Style, Anal
  • Anal Toys
  • Prostate Toys
  • Men’s Toys
  • Dildos
  • Thrusting Toys
  • Impact Toys: Floggers, Whips, Paddles, Canes
  • BDSM Acccessories: Restraints, Collars, Gags,
  • Lingerie
  • Lubricants
  • Massage Oils and Candles

*Body Safe means non porous materials such as ABS Plastic, Silicone, Glass or Metal.

Please note that all my reviews will be completely honest, thus a positive review is not guaranteed. My readers need to be able to trust me and the only way to do that is by being honest about the product I am reviewing.

Countess Kassandra’s Rules of Engagement

If you’d like to share my reviews that is allowed as long as I (Countess Kassandra) am credited and a link to my blog ( is provided. Failing to follow these instructions will result in me contacting your web host to file a copyright infringement complaint.

Should you desire to quote me in a form other than electronic or social media with appropriate credit as stated above, please contact me first. Please advise what you would like to quote, how it will be used and how you will give credit for my content.

All photos at Countess Kassandra’s Lair are taken by my handsome hubby or myself. Use of these photos is not allowed without permission from Countess Kassandra.

Once received all toys or other products are property of Countess Kassandra.

Contact me via email at or via this contact link.

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