Ask Kassandra

If you have a sex related question submit it to me here and I’ll do my best to answer it. Of course questions and answers, will be shared here at the Lair, so others may learn more as well. No worries about anonymity, as I will not show who asked the question.


Question…Can I ask what you guys did when dealing with erection issues? I know it’s complicated and different for everyone.

Answer…Of course you can ask. My answer is as follows, Part of hubby’s issue is he takes an anti-depressant. Some, like the one he takes is famous for causing sexual issues. So he’s counteracted that with another med to balance it out.

Sometimes he uses viagra, sometimes not. Sometimes that helps, sometimes it doesn’t.

Definitely use cock rings. Our favorite is a leather strap that has a snap closure. It looks super sexy too which is a bonus for me!

We find scheduling our playtime helps as well. Somehow he’s better able to get in the mood when we schedule it. As the brain is the largest sexual organ it’s important that one is really into what they are doing. If you aren’t into having sex at a particular time you are less likely to get cooperation from the necessary body parts.

Recently we’ve tried a new Stimulation Cream called HemPleasure. You can read my review of it here. It makes a BIG difference. Pun intended. In fact, he stated to me that he feels it is more effective than Viagra.

Really though there is a lot of patience and understanding that needs to take place.


Question…What is the difference between a vibrating bullet and an air pulse toy like the Satisfyer or Womanizer?

Answer…I would say the difference is that an air pulse toy like the Satisfyer or Womanizer, concentrates on just the head of the clitoris. It doesn’t vibrate but rather sends pulses of air down on the engorged clitoris head which has been sucked up in the device.

Whereas, a bullet vibe literally vibrates a larger area. Even if you put a bullet vibe on the head of the clitoris it will still vibrate a larger area.

There really is no comparison between the two in my opinion. They are completely different types of stimulation. Both are equally enjoyable it simply depends on what one is looking for at the moment.