Mini Review-Blush Novelties Noje Quiver

Blush Novelties Noje Quiver in Lily.  It is laying on a black fabric.
Blush Novelties Noje Quiver

Hello and welcome to the first of my mini reviews. These will feature some of the popular toys or products in the store I manage, OR items could be my current favorites!

My current go-to toy, which I purchased at the store I manage, is the Noje Quiver by Blush Novelties. This rather odd and unassuming toy packs a lot more power and versatility than it appears. It is also one of the most popular toys at my store.

One of my favorite things about the Blush Quiver is that it can be used by and on both women and men. Quiver is a high frequency vibe that simulates the movement of a woman’s finger when masturbating her clitoris. Of course the toy moves faster than any finger ever could.

I love to use it’s pinpoint accuracy to get just the right spot(s) on my clitoris. When I get it just right, Quiver gives me intense orgasms. The kind that leave me breathless and well, quivering.

Quiver comes with two attachments. When using this toy by myself I don’t use either attachment. If Handsome Hubby is there it’s a different story. He enjoys when I use the tapper attachment on the frenulum of his penis. For those not familiar with the word frenulum ask your favorite penis owner where the sensitive spot on his shaft is. It’s probably the frenulum. The look on Handsome Hubby’s face when I put it there is precious. We haven’t played too much with the bunny ear attachment. It is ideal for using on the clitoris or nipples.

Personally I love that Quiver has both up and down buttons for controlling the intensity. So many toys have only one button, which can be frustrating if you’ve gone too far and want to go back a few levels. There are seven levels in total.

One suggestion I like to give our customers is to run the toy, with or without attachments, over erogenous zones and on penis owners, around the scrotum and testicles. It’ll drive him mad, in a good way.

Quiver is made of silicone, is waterproof and charged via USB cable. Playtime is about 50 minutes depending on which level is used.

Get your own Blush Noje Quiver at Betty’s Toy Box. Using my link will not cost you any additional monies but does help support my blog.

Buy your own Quiver.

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