May Update

Sorry I’ve been a bit scarce the last few months. The situation with my father took a lot of time and energy and I’m completely out of the loop as far as being productive. I’ve tried several times to start a new review as I have a rather extensive backlog of products to test and review. Every time I start it just feels wrong. I’ll be making another attempt on Friday of this week. Fingers crossed that it gets done and is the start of bigger and better things.

We’ve had some staffing changes at work and I have picked up an extra shift. Hopefully that will help with motivation as I’ll be surrounded by sex toys for an extra day each week.

In addition to all that went on with my father, Handsome Hubby and I are having a new house built and moving later this year. So we will be very busy this summer packing up the house.

There are still a few items remaining in my inventory which I would love to find new homes for so I don’t have to move them to the new house. The new house by the way, will have a dedicated play room (aka:dungeon) for Handsome Hubby and I.

I would love to hear your thoughts