March Update

Dear Readers,

My apologies for my being mostly absent for February. Most of the month I was dealing with auto-immune disorder flares. Just when I thought that had passed or at least lessened, another medical situation occurred.

This time it was with my father, who had a heart attack. After several days in the hospital, it was decided he needed, and was a good candidate for, open heart surgery.

On Wednesday of this week my otherwise healthy 82-year-old father underwent open heart surgery. He seems to be recovering as well can be  expected, although his mild cognitive impairment has gotten worse. Hopefully it is only temporary. The doctors told us before the surgery that memory loss is common in all patients who have this surgery. Thus, we are not surprised.

This week I’m hoping to get back on track by getting to work, at both the store and my blog.

Truth be told, this event with my father has not helped my auto-immune issues at all. Sleep has not come easily. Good sleep is also one of the items most needed by auto-immune patients so, fingers crossed, this does not cause another flare.

To those who are awaiting reviews from me, while they are delayed, they will be done.

Watch for some changes to my website coming sometime this month. I’m planning on changing the format of my Erotique.

Hope you all have the most awesome day possible! 😀

I would love to hear your thoughts