Can I use my toy in the shower or tub?

So I was reading consumer reviews of vibrators earlier on Amazon. There seems to be confusion over the definitions of certain words, those being water resistant, waterproof and submersible.

Since the sex toy industry is not regulated, there is really no way to be sure that manufacturers are using the appropriate terms for their products. Remember that sex toys are sold as adult novelties rather than medical devices. So no regulation is necessary.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation, Zumio X & Screaming O Charged Positive in a sink of water.
Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation, Zumio X & Screaming O Charged Positive in a sink of water.


Those three words are supposed to mean the following.

Splashproof/Water Resistant: Can be cleaned with water but should never be submersed in water. Keep water away from the battery compartment.

Waterproof: Can be submersed in water. Ideal for use in the tub or shower.

Submersible: Same as above.

Personally I like the term submersible. It’s simple and means what it says. Many very reputable companies use this term now in addition to, or in place of waterproof. Even though it means the same as waterproof it seems to me that manufacturers would be less likely to apply the submersible label incorrectly. It’s not as easily confused as waterproof. Those that use the waterproof designation incorrectly, rely on the confusion. Sadly, that can lead to unhappy consumers who end up not knowing who or what to believe.  That is not good for anyone.

There are numerous threads one can find out there in Googleland, where sex bloggers and others are discussing toys that are mislabeled. It’s almost always by saying a toy has been labeled as waterproof/submersible when in fact it’s only water resistant. These same threads also have discussion about what the various definitions mean.

If it’s confusing to those of us in the industry, which it is, imagine how confusing it is to consumers. They don’t know that some companies are using the terms loosely.  Consumers rely on manufacturers to market their toys correctly and sellers to be knowledgeable about the products they are selling.

I myself have moments of confusion when looking at a toy and its packaging in the bricks and mortar store I work in.  So do some of my co-workers.


You might be wondering what makes these differences. Well, basically it’s how easy it is for water to get into the battery compartment and motor. If the battery compartment and motor are well sealed the toy should be waterproof/submersible.

Should water get in those areas, the lifetime of the toy can be dramatically shortened. You definitely don’t want that. Especially if it’s your favorite toy.

In the end though, a consumer must go by what the manufacturer says. They know what the design is and what they intend for the toy, which is why you should always look at the packaging and instruction booklet. You can even contact the manufacturer directly via their email or social media to get more info, if it’s not clear or you have questions.

If the toy has a warranty and something goes wrong in the warranty period, contact the manufacturer. Something like, you put their waterproof toy (according to their package label) in the tub and now it doesn’t work.  If they are reputable, they’ll stand behind their product.

Countess Kassandra’s Erotique only sells toys with a warranty. Plus Handsome Hubby and I test our own personal toy first before deciding if a particular toy model meets the criteria to be carried in the Erotique.

Still, it doesn’t help when a few manufacturers/companies use the terms incorrectly.

I hope that helps with any confusion you may have.  If not, comment below or send me an email if you have a more private question.

Thank you to Mistress Kay on Twitter for some good info!

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