Fondlove Mini Massager

If you’ve read my previous Fondlove review, you know that Handsome Hubby and I were skeptical of these toys at first. Turns out we need not be.

Today I’m reviewing the Fondlove Mini Massager. While it was not my first choice toy from Fondlove, as the one I chose was not available, it is a very nice toy. One that does something no other toy I have tested does…heats up! More about that later.

Fondlove Mini Massager in Purple


  • ABS Plastic and Silicone
  • Rechargeable
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • 7 Functions
  • Waterproof
  • Heat & Acceleration Functions
  • Whisper Quiet
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

This mini massager comes neatly packaged in a black box. The toy itself is nestled inside a styrofoam tray, and comes with the USB charger and a small instruction booklet. The toy is easy enough to operate, so you won’t be referring to the instruction booklet very often.

Fondlove Mini Massager in purple.  Laying on black storage bag with USB Charging Cord.


Charging the mini massager takes about 40 minutes or so, and gives you about an hour of play time. I always recommend charging it fully first, and then letting it run down completely before putting it on the charger again. Yes, you can use the toy before recharging. This way it learns to hold a complete charge.

Its easy to charge. At the bottom of the toy, there is a small hole in which you put one end of the charger. Plug the other end (the USB side) in, just like you would when you charge your Smartphone.


Once the toy is fully charged and you are ready to play, turn it on using the middle of the three control buttons. Holding that button is not required as it is for so many toys. This will be nice for those with arthritic hands.

The bottom button controls the 7 different functions on this mini massager. Just press it to move thru the functions. Four of the functions are constant speeds and the other three are patterns. Astute readers will know that I prefer the constant speeds over the patterns. One interesting feature is the acceleration function, which appears to me to only work if you want to go back to the beginning. What I mean by that is, say you are on patterned function #2 and want to go back to constant speeds. If you hold the bottom button it will accelerate out of the functions and stop altogether. Now, it doesn’t turn off, it merely stops and allows you to start over.

The third function button is for the heating element. Fondlove claims that this will heat the head of the massager up to 41 degrees Celsius or 105 degrees Fahrenheit. I cannot independently confirm those temperatures, but I can say that it does indeed get warmer. I don’t believe though that mine got to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

Closeup of Fondlove Mini Massager Control buttons.


My initial assessment of the massager is as follows. It is well-made and sturdy. The outside is covered with silicone. There are no rough edges, so it feels very smooth. Near the head of the toy on one side were several ridges, which I was hoping to feel when using the toy internally.

Keep in mind that this toy is billed as a massager, so as shown on the Fondlove website, it can be used all over the body. The heating function and the flexible mid-section of the toy make it perfect for the neck and back.

Ok, so back to our experience, since most people would use it as a sex toy that is how we tested it. Handsome Hubby was tired after having used his Fondlove Stroker toy, so I asked him to use the mini massager on me internally. After lubing up the toy with some Sliquid Satin, he turned it and the heating element on and thrusted the toy in and out. The size is quite nice. Not too big, not too small. I’d say it was just right. When the toy was all the way in I could feel my pubic bones vibrating. Sadly though, I did not feel those ridges as I was expecting. I’m not sure why as they are not squishy.

Close up of ridges on Fondlove Mini Massager

Oddly, Handsome Hubby could tell the toy was heating up when he was holding it but I did not feel the heat internally. It wasn’t until I decided to see how it worked on my clitoris that I could feel that it had, in fact, heated up. The middle of the toy is flexible, so it can bend a bit and give you some G-Spot action. I do wonder though how long that bend can be maintained without affecting the integrity of the massager.

Using it on my clitoris was somewhat anti-climactic, as the mini massager doesn’t have enough power for me to orgasm from it alone. Don’t get me wrong, it felt nice and I’m always happy to have play time with hubby. I did need to get another toy out so I could have an orgasm. If you or your partner prefer a lighter touch, this may be the perfect toy for you.

Since this toy is silicone, I recommend a water based lubricant. Preferably one that is glycerin- and paraben-free. Cleaning the toy is simple. Use either a sex toy cleaner, if you have one, or just soap and water. The toy is waterproof so it won’t hurt to get it wet. Leave it to air dry and it’s good to go for next time!

Based on the price that Fondlove is advertising this at…$22.75USD (as of 1/11/19) this is a good buy. Get yours here!

A big thank you to Fondlove for sending us this toy to play with and review. I do not promise a positive review to those who send toys for review. I will always give you, my readers, an honest assessment of the product.

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