SoSS 12/1/18

It’s been a crazy week for Handsome Hubby and I. Lots of working and taking care for the geriatric pets in our house. One of whom, sadly, was ready to leave the world this week, so we took that dreadful trip to the veterinarian.

A bright note however, was some reviews of toys either I didn’t know existed or didn’t know I needed. I’ve listed three of them below because you should know about those fabulous items as well!

Hope this next week goes better!

The bullet vibe in this review by Emmeline Peaches sounds amazing. I am going to have to add this one to my must have list.

Laurieann at Backwoods Bedroom has me thoroughly convinced after this Liberator review, that Handsome Hubby and I need to add a Hipster to our collection.

Last but but not least, here is another toy that needs to be added to the must have list. Aurora Glory and I seemingly have the same love for external stimulation. So based on her review this is a must have.

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