SoSS 11/17/18

Wondering what’s on tap for my second SoSS post?

Let’s start with a type of product I had not heard of before. A automatic lube and massage oil warmer. Seems like something out of Star Trek to me. You’ll love the way that Kitten Boheme writes. Well, at least I do.

Sex toys being used for things other than sex? JoEllen Notte of RedheadBedhead shares some very creative ways to use sex toys other than their intended use. Wait until you read about bullet vibrators and sinus problems. It’ll blow your mind, or more accurately, it’ll clear your sinuses.

After reading Miss Ruby Reviews thoughts on the Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator II there is now a new toy on my must have list. This toy sounds totally amazing! If you like texture on your toys like I do, you will want to read this review.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving (USA) and I’ll have more SoSS next week!

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4 thoughts on “SoSS 11/17/18

  1. Marty Davis

    Dear Countess:
    I used my Wahl vibrator for decades to clear my sinuses.

    Re: Stronic Surf. If you haven’t tested it yet, try the Velvet Thruster. A real fucking machine! I love it.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Marty Davis

      1. Marty Davis

        Using the Wahl just made sense to me to break up sinus congestion. I would massage my sinuses, forehead, and temples with the ball attachment.

        I also figured out at age 15 that I could get rid of horrendous menstrual cramps by masturbating to orgasm. I’m nearly 70 now.

        Decades later orgasm was found to relieve menstrual pain. I was always ahead of the curve!

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