SoSS 11/10/18

SoSS (Share Our Shit Saturday) is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile now. So here is my first attempt at it.

If you aren’t familiar with what SoSS is, I will give you a quick explanation. Sex bloggers often have a difficult time with social media outlets such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Often our content, whether it be pictures or writing, is censored in some way. This limits our ability to be found and followed. With SoSS we can share blog posts and other social media from fellow bloggers, so that we can be discovered by folks who might not otherwise find us.

Some SoSS posts attempt to share posts that have a particular theme. Some just share things they found interesting that week, which is the tactic I’m going to take. I’m already busy enough, and trying to connect all the dots together by sharing posts with a particular theme is a bit more than I can handle right now.

So what am I into this week? Read on my friends…

I am salivating after reading Hey Epiphora’s review of Fun Factory’s Volta. This vibrator looks like an alien from outer space with special powers. Definitely going to need to get my hands on this toy. Or rather this toy on my clitoris.

In the store I work in, we have a glass dildo that looks similar to the one described here by Laurieann at Backwoods Bedroom. I love the way she describes this beautifully textured toy. The one at the store has been a favorite, at least in appearance, of mine for quite awhile. Looks like I will need to further investigate Crystal Delights.

Last one for this week’s list. Yes, I know it’s short but that’s because I failed to save the links for the ones I read earlier in the week that I wanted to share and don’t remember what they were, so….

Liz from Rocket Girl Writes gives a detailed account of her experience with one of the hottest vibrators on the market right now. As she says in her review of the Blush Exposed Nocturnal , it is considered a rival in terms of power, to the WeVibe Tango. Is it? Read her review and find out what she thought.

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