Lovehoney Remote Control Love Egg

There are so many different styles of sex toys out there, that it is overwhelming for most people, when entering an adult boutique or perusing online sites. That’s where sex bloggers/toy reviewers can be helpful. Find one you trust and then you’ll have a better idea of what to look for and which questions to ask.

However, with such a variety of toys, and new ones arriving all the time, it can even be overwhelming for bloggers and adult store staff.

Nearly every day at the store I work in, there are customers who ask about the vibrating egg toys. They are very popular and I certainly understand what they are supposed to do and how people use them. What I didn’t have though, was personal experience with one.

It’s much easier to explain to a customer how a toy is supposed to work when you’ve had personal experience with that type of toy. So I was pleased when Lovehoney contacted me and offered to send me a toy to review. As I had no experience with an egg toy I chose their Remote Control Love Egg.

Closeup of Lovehoney Remote Control Egg

This particular toy is battery-operated, although there are rechargeable options on the market, including several offered by Lovehoney. Inside the package you’ll find one set of batteries for the remote, and two sets of batteries for the egg. Lovehoney Remote Control Egg opened up to show where the batteries go

Lovehoney Remote Control Egg opened up to show where the batteries go

When the package arrived from the Lovehoney US distribution center, I was very excited to open it and see what was inside. The toy is very well-packaged. Inside the outer box, you’ll find the toy nestled into a plastic tray. It’s easy to pop the toys out of the tray to access the batteries provided by Lovehoney.

Lovehoney Remote Control Egg. Toy has been removed from the box. Countess Kassandra’s business card is on top of box.

Using the toy is quite easy. Pop the batteries into the egg and remote control unit. Turn the remote control on using the power button and it activates the egg portion. Of course you’ll want to lube up the egg and insert it into the wearer’s vagina prior to turning the toy on. Please note that this toy is for vaginal, not anal use. Any toy used for anal must have a flared base of some sort so that you avoid a trip to the emergency room.

I always recommend Jo Silicone Free Hybrid Lubricant. It’s a mix of water and coconut oil. Please make sure the toy is generously lubed up before insertion. Especially if you are leaving it in for awhile while going out for the night.

Toy Specifications 

  • 3 speeds and 7 patterns
  • Quiet and discreet enough to use in public
  • Sturdy finger loop ensures easy removal
  • ABS Plastic
  • Egg is Waterproof
  • Remote is Splashproof
  • 4.5 inches in Circumference
  • 3.2 inches Insertable Length
  • Latex and Phthalate Free
  • 2 Button Controller

As mentioned above, the toy is very easy to use. After the toy is in position inside the wearer, the person holding the remote turns it on via the on/off button. Use the other button to advance through the various speeds and functions.

The toy is quiet enough to use in public, provided of course that you are not somewhere like a library. The location does need to have some background noise to cover up the vibrations. Additionally, it may be more obvious if sharing something like bench seating with others as it could cause enough ambient vibration in the bench to alert others that something is out of the ordinary.

For me, this toy is not strong enough to bring on an orgasm but it certainly adds to my sexual experience. Especially if in public. Being a naughty girl can be oh so fun!

I’ve no doubt that, as usual, the rechargeable versions of this toy would be more powerful. Stronger motors can be used with rechargeable toys.

I was able to feel the vibrations up into my abdomen. It was especially strong in my pubic bones. I’ve not felt vibration like that before with any other type of vibrator. You may or may not like that and honestly I’m not sure whether or not I did. It was not unpleasant but I’m not sure it was pleasant either.

For me the main attraction to this type of toy is the public play aspect. Handsome hubby very much enjoyed holding and operating the remote. It’s safe to say we will be looking for more remote control toys in the future.

If this sounds like a toy you’d be interested in, get your order in right away, as I see on the Lovehoney website that it is being discontinued after current supplies run out. Please note that they have other similar toys available.

Thank you to Lovehoney for sending me this  Remote Control Love Egg in exchange for my always honest review. If I don’t like a toy you will know about it. I do not promise a positive review to those who send me toys to review. I owe them, and you, my readers, an honest review.

The only affiliate link used in this review is for the recommended lubricant.

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