HemPleasure Female Stimulation Cream

NOTE: This item will soon be available for purchase through Countess Kassandra’s Erotique

Previously I reviewed the HemPleasure Male Stimulation Cream. Handsome hubby highly recommends it, especially for gentleman with erection issues. He has stated to me that it works better than Viagra, at least for him.

The packaging for the Female Stimulation Cream differs from the Men’s Cream only in the color used on it. Pink vs. green for the men. Interestingly the ingredients are exactly the same. This is what the company representative told me at the IVD/ECN Fall Show back in September.

Photo of HemPleasure Female Stimulation Cream from Body Action Products website.
Photo of HemPleasure Female Stimulation Cream from Body Action Products website.

Handsome hubby put a couple pea sized drops of this on my clitoris and vulva area. Let me tell you, I nearly immediately felt a warming tingly sensation. For me it’s a very nice feeling. It actually retained that warm feeling for about 15-20 minutes. One thing I did notice was that I was able to orgasm more quickly. Of course with my Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation it doesn’t take long anyway. It was just quicker than normal.

Here’s what Body Action Products says about their product (copied from their website):

  • • Maximum Strength Arousal Cream
  • • Amplifies Female pleasure immediately on contact
  • • Helps Enhance Sensual Activity
  • • Produces a Tingling Sensation
  • • Infused with HEMP Seed Oil

I highly recommend this product as an addition to your sex life!

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