HemPleasure Male Stimulation Cream

A couple of weeks ago the handsome hubby and I had a chance to go to an event, hosted by one of the wholesale companies used by the store I work for. The manager and owner weren’t able to go so they sent me.

It was held a at super fancy resort with a convention center attached. Since we had never attended such an event before we were unsure what to expect.

It was so fun and interesting. There were over 60 different manufacturers there. The purpose was to show their new products. Some were toys. Others, movies or clothes. There were also plenty of companies showcasing new items such as the HemPleasure Male Stimulation Cream that is the focus of this review.

Photo from BodyActionProducts.com website

The company name is Body Action Products out of the Tampa, Florida area. They make many different arousal, stimulation products for both men and women as well as delay products for men.

Normally in the store we see gentleman asking for delay products so they can last longer. Those products have some type of ‘caine’ in them such as Benzocaine or Lidocaine. This is generally for the younger men and I certainly understand why they want such a product.

HemPleasure is the perfect product for older men that have erection issues. This product does not contain any ‘caine’ but rather it seems the key ingredients are Niacin and L-Arginine.

On the Body Action Products website it states the following about this product.

• Maximum Strength Arousal Cream

• Amplifies Male pleasure immediately on contact

• Helps Enhance Sensual Activity

• Produces a Tingling Sensation

• Infused with HEMP Seed Oil

Twice now handsome hubby and I have tried this cream. Both times it was an arousing success. Pun intended. 🤪 It takes a very small amount of product, not even a dime sized amount, rubbed into the shaft to see and feel the results.

Handsome hubby reports that he felt warmth and a tingly sensation within seconds of my applying it. Sometimes he has trouble getting and keeping an erection. This is not uncommon in a man nearing age 60. So far in our two experiments with HemPleasure he has had zero issues with his erection. It was nearly immediate and very strong. Of course I’m sure my hands caressing his shaft helped as well.

Another bonus with HemPleasure is that there is not any objectionable flavor or taste should you decide to proceed to oral sex. The cream goes completely into the skin of the penis very quickly.

In the past we’ve tried Viagra and other male enhancement pills. We’ve had more success with the Viagra but it gives him a headache. So we were both looking forward to trying this stimulation cream. So happy that it’s working for him. We will never be without some!

7 thoughts on “HemPleasure Male Stimulation Cream

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    1. Countess Kassandra

      As with many similar type items the actual time it will last can vary by person. In our experience it has lasted anywhere from 15-30 minutes. Additionally it will depend upon how much of the cream you’ve used. You can easily apply more if the desired effects have not been achieved. It doesn’t take much though.

      1. NG

        Do you have a chance to try Liquid V for Men, from Body Action Products as well? I’m interested to know how the 2 fare, in terms of stimulated time (duration) and intensity.
        And if you have other recommendations for this purpose?

  2. Countess Kassandra

    Liquid V is not something I am familiar with so I am unable to compare the two for you.

    What I can tell though, after looking at the ingredients list, is that Liquid V does not contain niacin as the HemPleasure does. The niacin is one of the key ingredients along with the L-Arginine in HemPleasure. Those help bring more blood flow to the penis.

    There are other similar products on the market but again since neither hubby or myself have tried them I cannot give you much info.

    As with any product of this type you should check with your physician before using if you are on any medication.

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