Sex and Football

Sometimes handsome hubby (HH) and I make playtime plans to test toys for review. Other times we just set a play date because we want to enjoy each other without my needing to concentrate on making mental notes for my reviews. My review queue is backing up though so we need to get going!

Often times, as is the case with my health issues, we have to postpone our activities because my fatigue level is high due to my auto-immune issues. Or, other times we have to change it because HH is in his late 50s and after working a very physical job all day he just doesn’t have enough energy left in him to join me for playtime.

That works out alright for me though, as I have plenty of toys I can use solo!

Over the last 4 days or so we keep saying…we will play tomorrow. This was due to a combination of tiredness and football. Yes, football does interfere with our love life. We are both big time football fans. Friday night was out because one of our favorite teams was playing. Saturday HH was off all day so we spent the day watching college football as HH is rarely off on a Saturday . Moving onto Sunday, well, HH worked and then when he got home he wanted to watch NFL football. So we moved it to Monday.

Here we are, it’s Monday…the plan is to try and work it in, pun intended, between him getting home from work and Monday Night Football coming on. I sure hope we get it done as our next opportunity is Thursday night, which is also a football night.

After I get a review written for the Paloqueth Dolphin Vibrator, we are going to need to set up a more elaborate play date, as the next item in the queue is the 10 piece bondage set, also from Paloqueth. Countess Kassandra is very much looking forward to that date!

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