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Hopefully you’ve already read last week’s review about the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation. These two toys are similar in many ways but as you might imagine with a name like Satisfyer Pro Traveler, this one is much smaller.

 Satisfyer Pro Traveler laying on its side.

 Close up view of top of toy with magnets for charging showing

I’m a big fan of the Pro 2 Next Generation and was quite skeptical that this little toy could pull off the same results. As it turns out, it can. This toy is small but mighty. It might take a smidge longer to get me off than the Pro 2 Next Generation but I’m perfectly fine with that.

This type of toy isn’t for everyone. I’ve read reviews from a number of other sex toy reviewers who simply don’t like this style of toy. These toys stimulate the clitoris by way of suction due to the way the nozzle of the toy is shaped and air pressure waves which stimulate the nerve endings in the clitoris. For some people this is not pleasurable or is too intense. For me it was absolutely delightful and I had multiple orgasms.

 Looking down into the nozzle of the Pro Traveler

Wondering what the specifications are in this sweet little toy? They are as follows.

  • Rechargeable via Magnetic USB cable
  • Waterproof
  • 90 minutes charge time after initial charge
  • 90 minute approximate play time
  • ABS Plastic body
  • Silicone Nozzle
  • 11 Pressure Wave settings
  • Easy clean with soap and water. Use cotton swab to clean nozzle
  • Magnetic Case
  • 10 Year Warranty according to website

Ok, so by now you want to know how to really use this toy. It can be used anyway that works for you. Whether that be strictly for masturbation or with your partner during playtime. Do what works for you!

As for me, so far I’ve only used it for solo play but I am interested in trying it during partner play and intercourse with my handsome hubby!

So how does one use this…get yourself comfortable, put on some music, light a nice scented candle, maybe take a nice long bath. Again, whatever works for you.

Spread the labia so the head of the clitoris is better exposed. Put some lubricant on the clitoris and nozzle, if you are not in the bathtub or shower. I like to use the System Jo Water/Coconut Oil Hybrid. It’s nice and silky. Similar in texture to natural lubrication. Also, it won’t ruin the silicone nozzle.

Place the nozzle of the toy over the clitoris and turn it on. I recommend turning it on the lowest setting before placing it on the clitoris.

There are two control buttons on the underside of the toy. One for turning the toy off/on as well as moving higher in the settings. The other is to move backward if you’ve gotten the pressure waves too high. My only issue with this toy is the I would prefer the buttons on the outside but then the toy wouldn’t fit into its travel case. Which if course would defeat the purpose of this toy. It’s not that the controls are difficult to use. I just personally prefer them on top as they are on the Pro 2 Next Generation. I fully accept and understand though why it is made the way it is.

 Close up image of the control buttons

I’m told these toys are amazing to use in the bathtub due to the increased suction. Sadly, I’ve not tried it yet as the tub in our house has issues.

It won’t take long for you to find out if this type of toy is for you. The pressure waves are intense but completely under your control. When I used it I only went as high as the 8th of 11 settings. Which is one setting higher than I used on the Pro 2 Next Generation. Move up or down according to what feels good for you. If this your type of toy, orgasm, probably multiples, will come quickly. For me, it’s super intense and I can barely walk as my leg and torso muscles tighten up and feel like jelly after my orgasms. There’s no guarantee that will be your result but hopefully you’ll have fun trying.

For women who travel frequently, this toy won’t take up much space in your luggage. It’s not immediately obvious as to what it is. Same with it sitting on the bedside table in your hotel room. It’s much easier to travel with than, say, an original Hitachi Magic Wand.

 Toy completely inside it’s magnetic case

Clean up is easy peasy. Just use a little soap and water on the outside. Clean the inside of the nozzle with a cotton swab.

Oh, I nearly forgot to tell you about the packaging. It’s quite simple. Inside the box is a plastic tray in which the toy sits. It comes with a user manual and the Magnetic USB Charging cable.

 Items inside package and Countess Kassandra’s business card

 Items inside package and Countess Kassandra’s business card

You’ve probably gathered by now that I really love this toy! When I played with it yesterday, prior to writing this review, I made it into a hands-free toy because I was wearing undies. They held it place after I got it to my preferred setting. That gave me two hands to play with other body parts.

I owe a big thank you to Satisfyer, who sent me this toy all the way from Germany (their headquarters), in exchange for my always honest review. If I don’t like a toy you will know it. I do not promise a positive review to those who send me toys to review. I owe them and you, my readers, an honest review.

Now I need to schedule some partner playtime with handsome hubby!

Edit: This toy WON the 2019 XBiz Award for Innovative Sex Toy of the Year, Design.

Get your own Satisfyer Pro Traveler thru my SheVibe affiliate link. In the top right corner of their website put Satisfyer Pro in the search bar and you should see all the options available in the Satisfyer Pro line.

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