Shequ Luxury Prostate Massager

Prostate massages and massagers are something one hears a lot about these days. Most men are now aware of the intense sexual pleasure they receive when their prostate is stimulated. I’ve heard it referred to as a complete body orgasm. Sometimes it comes with ejaculation, sometimes not. Either way, it is said to be mind blowing.

Knowing that my husband enjoys this type of play, I purchased, at an employee discount, a Luxury Prostate Massager that retails in our store for $49.99. The brand is Shequ which is a Chinese import. The massager is very masculine looking in black silicone with gold accents. It is rechargeable via USB cord.

Packaging for this toy is quite simple. There wasn’t a paper or manual detailing how to use it, but honestly it’s pretty simple. The toy is wrapped in plastic and set inside a plastic tray. Most certainly it’s not fancy packaging. It is adequate though.

There are two buttons to control the vibration. To turn on, press the power button once. A blue light will flash. Then use the other button to move thru the various functions.

As there was not a manual, I’m not sure of how long charging is supposed to take, nor how much play time the user can expect. My best guess is approximately 2 hours of charging for 30-45 minutes of play. Of course, it really does depend upon what functions you are using on the toy. Higher intensities usually result in shorter battery life.

Handsome hubby and I have ‘played’ with this toy a few times. One was a D/s scene and the other was more traditional vanilla sex. Both times handsome hubby was also a very happy hubby.

As with all anal play please don’t start out your play session with this toy. Start smaller and work your way up. Ideally start with finger penetration of the anus using plenty of lube. Once you or your partner is sufficiently warmed up, it’s an easy to toy to insert.

Since the anus is not self-lubricating, one must use copious amounts of lubricant. As this toy is silicone we chose a water-based lube, as that is better for the toy.

In the D/s scene I loaded on the water-based lube we have, turned on the massager and attempted to insert it into his anus. It was a bit daunting at first because it wasn’t clear which way to insert it and we had a difference of opinion on it. The first attempt was definitely incorrect so we switched it around and viola, it fit and felt just right. Of course, it must be inserted slowly so that the two sphincter muscles it passes are able to accommodate it.

At first hubby thought it a bit large, as it is definitely larger than the Aneros prostate toy we have. The fact that the new toy was vibrating was also different. Pleasant but different. I kept the toy in him so we could both enjoy a little more D/s play involving things like spanking and flogging.

After awhile, I’m not sure how long because I lose track in our scenes, he had an orgasm. This was a full body orgasm that did not involve ejaculation. It’s amazing to watch. I’m not sure we can even put it into words other than to say, I quote him here “It is so intensely pleasurable that it is nearly unbearable.”. Truly, it is a different animal than the more traditional orgasm where the man ejaculates. Which, of course is also pleasant.

I’ve noticed when he has those whole body, non-ejaculating orgasms that he seems more relaxed and tired afterwards. As if it takes more from him physically than had he ejaculated.

Based on much of the reading I’ve done about prostate orgasms this is not unusual. Men that opt not to try prostate play have no idea what they are missing, but that is most assuredly their prerogative and they shouldn’t be forced into it. Consent to any activity during sex is paramount.

The second time we played with this toy as stated earlier was a more vanilla setting. Nothing elaborate like our previous D/s scene. Once again we used water-based lube. This time it was our favorite Jo Silicone Free Hybrid. This is a hybrid of water and coconut oil. It’s not sticky like water-based lube and has a subtle coconut scent.

The toy is easy to insert. It’s silicone body is smooth, as in no ridges or bumps to cause damage. Once again though, there was some confusion as to which way to insert it. Apparently it’s shape is different than his Aneros and that is where the confusion comes into play. After it’s in correctly I can see a very contented look on his face.

Aneros compared to Shequ

This time handsome hubby was the recipient of a prostate massage from the toy while receiving oral sex. This time he did have an ejaculation rather than the full body orgasm. Both are pleasant, just different.

Gentlemen, if you’ve not tried a prostate toy you are definitely missing out. One that vibrates is even better! If you really want to go all out, there are prostate toys that operate via remote control, even smart phone apps. That works quite nicely for those into public play or who have partners in other locations (smart phone app).

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this toy in terms of quality or function, as it is not a name brand. But really, it worked quite well and seems to be as nice as any of the name brand prostate massagers we have in the store.

“Handsome hubby” says,” If you enjoy prostate play, you should definitely get yourself one of these. The vibration takes things to a whole new level!”

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