Doc Johnson Tryst

This particular toy, Tryst by Doc Johnson is one that I had seen in the store week after week after week. No one ever inquired about it. So one day I pulled it off the shelf and opened up the package to see what it was all about. Fortunately we charge all rechargeable toys when they arrive so I turned this odd looking purple toy on and was amazed at its power. Charging time is 70 minutes for approximately 90 minutes of play time. After looking over the extensive package insert I decided I had to get this toy. It retails in the store for $129.99USD. As usual I was able to purchase it using my employee discount.

As mentioned above the Tryst is quite powerful. That’s because it has three motors. One in each arm and one in the base. Operation of these motors is very easy and is customizable. One of the power buttons controls the functions on the arms and the other controls the base motor. Hold the buttons for 3 seconds to turn the motors on or off. Press once to move the motors through their various functions.


  • 3 motors
  • 2 control buttons
  • 7 functions
  • Semi-Flexible arms
  • Ergonomic shape
  • USB rechargeable
  • Phthalate free
  • Silicone
  • Water resistant but not submersible
  • Cleans easily with toy cleaner or soap and water
  • 5.4 inches in length
  • 2 inches inner diameter
  • Available in purple or black

Now remember, the name of this toy is Tryst. Certainly it can be used solo, which is how I first tried it. With great success I might add. It’s even better as a couples toy. The package insert has a very detailed 3 page graphic showing the myriad of different ways this toy can be used. Quite frankly I think it may be a better couples toy than toys like the We-Vibe Sync. However, I personally have not yet tried that style of couples vibe so I can’t say for sure. What I can say though is that handsome hubby and I both enjoyed the Tryst.

The packaging on Tryst is amazing. It seems to me that it’s designed to look like an old book. You can see the toy thru the clear plastic covering the front of the box. The toy rests in a foam tray with the charger, instructions and storage bag underneath. I really like the way this toy is packaged. It’s easy to open when I need to show a customer how the product works and what accessories it comes with.

You’ll really like the feel of this toy. It’s super smooth phthalate-free silicone. There are no rough edges. It’s really a beautiful toy. I almost feel like I could leave it out on display in my home and guests wouldn’t know what it was. Or would they (smiles)?

When I first brought Tryst home the handsome hubby was at work so of course I had to experiment with it myself as mentioned earlier. Seriously there are so many ways to use this toy that it’s mind boggling. My first move was to place the arms on either side of my clitoris. They didn’t grip as much as I would have liked but after later trying the toy with hubby I’m actually glad they are as flexible as they are.

Moving through the functions is fairly easy if the base portion is turned toward the pubic mound. If using it with that base downward it’s best to know which function(s) you prefer. A remote control would be helpful but would drive the price up even further.

If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you know that I need very strong stimulation on my clitoris to actually have an orgasm. For me, the Tryst isn’t quite enough stimulation, even if I use the base on my clitoris instead of the arms.

A fun way to use the Tryst is to place the arms on the sides of the nipples, which I did like. Hubby was not so much a fan of that when I tried it on him. He’s not really into his nipples being toyed with. It’s a whole different story with me. The Tryst is a great addition to nipple play for me.

Continuing on with the solo female play the arms can be inserted in the vagina for g-spot stimulation. They fit quite easily when using some lube. My current favorite lube is the Jo Water-Coconut Oil Hybrid. It’s not sticky like most water based lubes and has a slight Coconut smell to it. It works great for me on my silicone toys. Remember most silicone toy manufacturers suggest water based lube because over time silicone lube can destroy silicone toys.

Eventually I did have an orgasm using Tryst’s arms for g-spot stimulation and Zumio on my clitoris.

Fast forward a few days to when hubby and were able to schedule a play date. Since I had already played with Tryst I was curious to see what he thought of it and to see if it would really work as a couples-type vibrator.

I started by running the arms then the base up and down his shaft and over his balls. I could tell from his facial expressions that he was enjoying it. We segued into some other intimate play before I decided to put the arms around his shaft. It was a tight fit. We tried with the arms facing in then facing out as the way in which this toy is curved means the vibrations are felt in different places depending on which way it is placed. At one point I had my mouth around his shaft and could feel the vibrations through it. Another way to use the Tryst on the penis is with the base around the shaft, instead of the arms. Once again the base can be faced either in or out. When placed this way the arms cradle the sides of the balls. I feel though that this particular position may not always work depending on the size of the anatomy involved.

At last the time came to try the Tryst while actually having face-to-face intercourse. Sometimes hubby has difficulty staying hard due to medication and being in his late 50’s. The way we placed Tryst with the base around the shaft the arms in front of his balls made it like a cock ring and helped keep him hard. As he thrust in and out I was able to feel the base portion of the toy hitting my clitoris. Not enough to make either of us orgasm from it but it certainly felt good. After sometime he wanted to take it off as he found that the arms were beginning to hurt his balls a little bit. At no time did we have any difficulty with the toy moving or falling off. It stayed right where we put it.

We would both suggest this toy for solo play, male (could be worn while masturbating) or female, or even as an addition to couples play. Don’t let its price tag scare you. The quality and versatility are worth it!

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