Anal Fantasy Rechargeable Anal Beads

If are a regular reader of my blog you already know that I purchase at a discount many of the toys I review. It’s especially important to me to test and review toys we sell because then I am better able to assist our customers.

This anal toy, not a prostate toy, is one that I saw in the store and just had to get. There are a couple of similar toys in the store so I asked hubby which he’d prefer to try. This one seemed to be a little shorter than the others which is actually a good thing which I will cover later in this review. In the store I work in this toy retails for $99.99USD.

Pipedream Toys has a line of anal toys called Anal Fantasy. We carry several of the toys in this line as anal play is very popular with women and men. Yes, even heterosexual men. Don’t be afraid to try it gentlemen. It doesn’t make you gay. What makes you gay is being sexually attracted to a man. If you allow yourself to just try it with or without a partner, you will more than likely find it pleasurable.

Now keep in mind that as mentioned earlier this toy is not specifically designed for those with a prostate. It is an anal toy that can be used by all adults. While I do enjoy being on the receiving end of anal play at times, I did get this toy for the handsome hubby specifically.

The packaging is quite simple. Inside the box you will find the toy, wrapped in plastic, a small package of lube(s) and toy cleaner, a glove and the USB charger cable, as this is a rechargeable toy. Rechargeable toys more often than not are more powerful than battery operated toys. They are also generally more quiet. Much of the noise that battery operated toys make is actually the batteries themselves vibrating inside the toy.

The toy itself is made of silicone, with a vibrating bullet in the lower half of the toy. The top portion is slightly flexible, but not enough to curve and massage the prostate. There are other toys designed specifically for that. Stay tuned as there is a review of a prostate massager coming shortly.

As you can see in the picture above the toy has an anchor shape at the bottom, which is very important for both anal and prostate toys. It keeps the toy from going too far in, and you or your partner ending up in the emergency room.

Above that are four beads of all seemingly the same size. Although the packaging does indicate that the beads are slightly graduated. The tip is slightly tapered for easier insertion. At the store I am often asked why anyone would want to “put something like that in their butt?”. I usually answer with a) it feels good or b) some people like the way it feels. If the customer is receptive to that idea I go a little further and explain how the anus has two sphincter muscles in it and when the toy is inserted the recipient feels each bead as it goes past the muscles. This for many people is extremely pleasurable. When the toy is removed, the same feelings are felt as each bead passes the sphincter muscles.

I mentioned earlier that this toy is shorter than other similar toys in the store. That turned out to be good as this toy did not fit in all the way up to the anchor. Handsome hubby really enjoyed this toy but i think he may have been a slight bit disappointed that it wasn’t angled for the prostate.

To use a toy such as this, you need to use lots of lubricant. Since this is a silicone toy, water based lube is required. Silicone lube on a silicone toy can, over time, cause the toy to deteriorate. Quite possibly it could even void the warranty, should your toy come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This particular toy comes with a 60 day warranty.

When we used this toy handsome hubby and the toy were both well lubed. The toy entered easily. I always suggest warming up your anal play by using gloved fingers in the anus. That way when you go to insert the toy it will go in a bit easier. Hubby was able to feel each bead as it went, just as I described above. After it was inserted I turned in the vibration which he very much enjoyed. He states that the vibrations could be felt throughout the anus and rectum and as opposed to be more tightly focused. Now this toy alone did not cause him to orgasm. It was merely one activity of our playtime.

As this toy is made with body safe silicone and is easy to clean, I think perhaps next time I will be the recipient. If so, I will add additional comments to this review.

Speaking of cleaning, just wash with toy cleaner, there is a sample included in the package, or anti-bacterial soap and hot water. Let it sit to dry. Make cleanup even easier by placing a condom over it.

Both handsome hubby and I recommend this toy, if you are into anal play. 😃 It will certainly enhance your playtime!


  • Insertable Length: 5.6 inches
  • Width (of insertable portion: 1.2 inches
  • Total Length: 6.7 inches (includes anchor)
  • Width (anchor portion): 3 inches
  • Made of body safe Elite Silicone
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Multi-speed Vibrator
  • Waterproof
  • Charging Time: 1.5 hours
  • Play Time: 2 hours (approximate, depends on functions used)
  • USB Rechargeable

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