Cloud 9 Air Touch III

I had such high hopes for the Air Touch III by Cloud 9 Novelties. It is part of their Pro Sensual Series. The Air Touch III is billed as a Hand Held Clitoral and Nipple Suction Stimulator.

Periodically I’d play with it in the store. By that I mean, turn it on and run thru the various features and modes. Typically we test toys on/in our hands. One day I tried this one on the front of my thigh. The suction was super strong and it left a mark which looked like a hickey on my leg. So I thought, awesome, this toy will be great. I enjoy having my nipples and clit played with so how could this go wrong. Especially since I felt how strong it was on my leg.

So a couple of days later I purchased it at my employee cost. Whenever I get a new toy I want to use it right away and this time wasn’t any different. Thankfully, we fully charge all rechargeable toys in store when they arrive so folks can use them right away. As soon as I got home I got it out of the packaging and turned it on. Based on my in store experience and what the box says I was expecting very strong suction on my nipples. Sadly, that’s not at all what I experienced. Maybe because my leg has more surface area it stuck on better there. So I tried pushing my nipple(s) down into my breast tissue to see if having a greater surface area helped. Once again, I was disappointed as there wasn’t any difference. The toy was working as it did have some suction, just not near what I had experienced in the store on my leg. Next I tried adding lube to see if that made a difference. Yup you guessed it, that didn’t help either. Maybe it’s because I like a stronger sensation, like my handsome husband actually biting my nipples. Maybe, I need more than this toy can provide?

Ok, it’s not working on the nipples but surely it will work on the clitoris, right? I mean, it’s super sensitive and surely I should feel it there. Just as with my nipples I could barely tell there was any suction, no matter which of the 12 functions I had it on. Hmmmm, this is frustrating. Maybe….it’s because I was so anxious to try it and wasn’t really ‘in the mood’?

Fast forward a few days and hubby and I are out of town at the beach for a few days. Of course being a sex toy reviewer and blogger I had to bring some toys to try. Some for me and some for him. Some old and some new. Fortunately for him he really enjoyed his new toy. There will be a review of that soon. I’ve got to coordinate schedules with him to get his input.

So I’m thinking we are at the beach all relaxed, drinking wine and feeling sexy so being ‘in the mood’ is taken out of the question as to whether the Air Touch III will work for me or not. This time I showed hubby how to work it and let him use it on me. Yet again we tried with lube and without. We tried from different angles and absolutely nothing we did made one bit of difference. There was a little suction but nothing like what I felt on my leg in the store.

My conclusion is that my nipples and clit are used to rougher treatment. I mean, I do like BDSM. So maybe this just isn’t the toy for me but would be perfect for someone who has super sensitive body parts. Maybe someone who isn’t used to stronger sensations. I’m sure someone out there will like and enjoy it. The issue that I see though is price. I’m glad I was able to purchase the Air Touch III at a discount because I sure as heck would be even more disappointed if I had spent the $99.99 USD retail price (at my store) on it.

With all that said there are many positives about the toy. It comes beautifully packaged and comes with a USB charging cord and storage bag. The quality of the toy is excellent. It’s very well made and is easy to use. It’s super soft and there are no rough edges. It’s easy to hold even if one has arthritic hands. The power and function control buttons are located on the underside of the toy. That means if you want to change functions you either have to lift the toy up or feel around the underside of the device. It’s not difficult to do and there really isn’t anywhere else they could have put the control buttons.

Charging the Air Touch III is easy using the USB charging cord. If your Air Touch III does not come fully charged as mine did it will need a full charge of approximately two hours before it can be used. Nowhere on the package or instructions is there an indication of how long the toy can be used before needing recharge. Most toys are between 25 minutes to an hour depending on usage. Meaning if used at higher speeds or modes there is less usage time than at lower speeds.

The Air Touch III has a unique Cleaning Port. Detailed instructions on how to use this port are included with the toy. It is recommended to clean this port before and after every use. It’s very easy.

The toy has a memory feature which I wish more manufacturers would include. It’s so nice not to have to cycle thru the functions you don’t like in order to get to the one you do like. The Air Touch III starts with the last setting used.

It’s often said that the third time is a charm so I decided to try the Air Touch III one more time before writing a review. Unfortunately I really think this toy and I are simply not a match. Not a thing was different the third time around. Of course I had my heart set on having an orgasm so I ended up getting out a trusted old friend to finish at least 15 year old Hitachi Magic Wand.

As I said earlier I’m sure this toy is perfect for someone. It’s just not me.

Specifications of the Air Touch III by Cloud 9 Novelties

  • 12 Controlled Function Suction Moses
  • Clitoral Suction Feature
  • Whisper Quiet Vibration
  • Premium Grade Silicone Body
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • USB Charging Cord
  • Body Safe
  • Phthalate Free
  • Splashproof but not submersible
  • 6 inches in Length
  • Weighs 5.8 ounces
  • Contoured for 2 fingers
  • 90 day Limited Warranty (save your receipt

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