Random thoughts from Kass

This particular post has no specific topic. Rather it’s a sample of how my brain works. Flitting from thought to thought. Often without any connection. Enjoy…

Did I give out too much info when explaining how that toy worked?

I wonder if any of my customers today where wearing their sex toys in public. Chastity cage, butt plug, vibrating panties?

Does this post even make sense? Will people like it? Ah hell, who cares. I’m writing it because I want to.

Pandora’s 80’s station really rocks…pun intended.

I like Def Leopard more now than I did in the 80’s.

Crap, I forgot to take my heartburn meds. I shouldn’t have eaten that Szechuan Chicken for dinner.

Gotta check Twitter.

Wish I hadn’t checked Twitter.

Maybe Facebook will be better.

Nope, it’s not.

Dammit dog, that’s not where you pee.

Uh oh, battery is getting low on the iPad. Will have to charge it soon.

Oooo, I really like this song…Dreams by Van Halen

I like Sammy Hagar’s voice.

Time for a beer. Sorry Sammy no Tequila for this chickee.

I really should be writing something more substantial right now.

Oh yes…Final Countdown. Love this song!

Gotta clean the kitty litter box but I’m too tired.

There sure is a lot of sex and politics in my Twitter feed. Just the way I like it!

Ummm, silly dog it’s 20 minutes until your dinner time.

Sure was a good day today at work. Almost had my best sales day. Soooo close.

I have the BEST job ever!

Wish I had enough energy to dance around right now. These are some good tunes.

Still need that beer.

This song brings back memories of being 18. Loverboy ‘Working for the Weekend’.

Summer of ’82 was awesome!

Dang, where did the time go?

Soon pups and kitties, soon it will be dinner time.

Wonder how many people have looked at my blog today…checking stats.

Wow, people from Canada, the UK, Australia and the USA. Nice!

They’ll probably hate this post.

Stop fighting with your brother cat. Grrrrr

I really like my purple highlights.

I need a pedicure.

So sleepy.

Still no beer.

Where is my servant? Oh yeah, I don’t have one. Grrrrr

That new toy I’m getting tomorrow should be awesome. Never had one like it!

Marco from Uberrime makes the most beautiful dildos.

Ouch, foot cramp.

Twitter check.

Oh lord the world is fucking crazy. Well, at least the USA is.

Time to feed the doggies and kitties.

Ok, that’s enough of this crap.

Have a kinky evening peeps! 💋💜🌺


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