Zu, Zu, Zumio oh oh…

Edit 7/30/18**

**There is a definite learning curve with this toy, at least for me. Zumio is very different than other toys in that it works best with a lighter grip and touch. It’s taken a few sessions to get it just right. When I do…Ba-Bam! 😍😍😍🤩🤩

Whenever I hear the name of this product I can’t help but think of the Phil Collins song Su Su Sussudio. If you were around during the mid-80’s you’ve likely heard this song. It fits perfectly with the name of this cute purple toy!

Zumio is billed as a clitoral toy that can be used on other erogenous zones. Please note that this toy is NOT intended for insertion in any part of the body. It is for external use only.

The user manual that comes with Zumio is one of the most extensive I’ve ever seen. The first/front page gives an easy to understand picture of the different parts of Zumio. One of which is it’s trademarked SpiroTIP. It doesn’t actually vibrate but rather, according to the website, “whirls around in tiny circles, so you can pinpoint stimulation.”. You can actually see this when you turn it on. However the circles were smaller than I’d thought they’d be and thus it still felt to me like a vibrator at times. Albeit one that doesn’t make the entire vulva and clitoris region feel like it’s been vibed into submission and numbness like a Magic Wand does. Zumio most definitely gives very targeted stimulation that is very pleasant. If you like nipple stimulation you’ll find the sensation of Zumio very nice!

The second page of the user manual has a detailed illustration of how the designer suggests Zumio be used, at least at first, until you better know how to use this toy on your own body.


  • Model tested: 81-Purple EFS
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Medical grade Silicone
  • ABS Plastics free of Phthalates, Latex and BPA
  • One Year Warranty
  • Main Power: NiMH chargeable battery, 359 mAH capacity
  • Charging Method: Electrical Induction
  • Power Requirement: USB
  • Battery Charge Time: 16 hours from low battery to full charge
  • Usage Time from Full Charge: Approximately 4 hours depending on usage patterns
  • Waterproof
  • Length: 6.9 inches
  • Weight: Toy only 0.16 lbs.
  • Average Service Life: Approximately 2 years depending on usage patterns

Zumio is very lightweight and doesn’t make your entire hand vibrate which is a definite bonus. Finding the right way to hold it and make sure one is hitting the correct buttons is a bit of a trick, at least for me it was. Several times I wanted to increase the speed but ended up turning it off by accident. If you hold it closer to the stem more like a pencil or paint brush you’ll likely avoid this problem. I was holding it nearer to the base and thus couldn’t reach the correct controls. Note: if using solo and you have a larger stomach or breasts the correct hold may be more difficult to achieve. The texture of the toy is smooth with no rough edges. Despite its light weight it feels quite sturdy. The stem and tip feel quite comfortable against the skin even without lubrication.

As for how the Zumio actually feels it is difficult to describe. It feels tingly and very, very focused. Yet there is also a build up, similar to using your finger when masturbating. When I tried the recommended 60 second experience as described on the second page of the user manual I just didn’t get to an orgasm. Sure it felt great and I have no objection to doing that again. The manual does state that the 60 seconds is approximate and that it can take up to five minutes to orgasm. For myself it wasn’t a matter of time but rather location. So I moved Zumio to a different spot. If you are familiar with the anatomy of the clitoris you know it is actually much more than just the glans and the hood. It goes down deeper and also alongside the vagina. Read here to learn more about the clitoris if you aren’t up to date on this fascinating pleasure center! Anyhoo, I prefer to stimulate the nerve endings deeper down the clitoral shaft. It gives me a more intense orgasm. Zumio can get there, but one has to know just the right spot. Kind of like knowing the secret spot on a walk near a waterfall. It’s all pretty but some spots are simply extra special.

Last night the handsome hubby and I set out to experiment with Zumio. Since I had already given it a trial run I wanted to see how it felt on him. He’s not a fan of his nipples being stimulated but he obliged and let me try the lowest setting on him. He didn’t squirm away which is good. He said it was okay. Next I moved it to his penis and lightly ran it up and down his shaft. That seemed pretty pleasant so I decided to focus on his frenulum. If you don’t know what or where that is read this. As always he’s super sensitive there, as are most men. I didn’t want to tease him too long with the Zumio because there was more fun to be had. Later it was his turn to use Zumio on me and although it felt great and I highly recommend it for foreplay, it was just not doing the trick for me as far as an orgasm. I think perhaps it was just that I couldn’t focus as much as I wanted to on having an orgasm. I was just enjoying the time spent with him.

Now, I don’t want you to think that I didn’t orgasm using Zumio because I did! It was when I was all alone at home and could just focus on the sensations and place the tip in just the right spot. When I found that spot and just went with the feelings it was glorious. It’s just that to find that spot is more difficult because Zumio is super focused. Almost laser like.

If you know your body well enough to know what type of stimulation it needs, especially on the clitoris, this may be the perfect new toy for your collection. It is rather pricey though at $140 USD on their website and that’s before shipping and tax. I suspect many will find the intense orgasms worth the price of admission, so to speak.

Speaking of their website you really should check it out. There’s info about how the Zumio came about and lots of tips for using it. You can even learn about the two different models they have. Zumio X has higher intensity than Zumio S. There’s even a great FAQ page that will likely answer any question you may have. One thing listed there is what type of lubes/gels can be used with Zumio. The answer is water based. Please do not use silicone lube with your Zumio.

Overall my impression of Zumio is great! I just think the price may be a bit high, but since it’s basically a one of a kind toy it’s hard to say for sure as there really is no comparable product out there.

Disclosure: I was given this Zumio X by MyZumio in exchange for an honest review!

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