Adventures in the Sex Toy store! Part 1

It initially appeared that my day would be slow, Sundays are hit or miss. Thankfully it’s more often hit than miss. My first customer didn’t come in until about an hour after opening. I spent some of that time doing busy work around the store but needed to save some of that busy work for later in the day. The rest of the time was spent doing research and attending to my social media as well as the social media for the stores.

This particular Sunday is Father’s Day so I wasn’t expecting it to be very busy like Mother’s Day was. Turns out that was a pretty good guess. It was steady but not busy. One of my slower days but nonetheless very interesting.

My first customer of the day was a middle aged man who was doing a video trade and purchased some male enhancement pills. If you read my previous blog post about a day in the store you know we sell a lot of male enhancement pills. We even have some for ladies, although those are not nearly as popular.

Have you heard of arousal balm? It’s a product used mostly by women to heighten their ummm, clitoral sensitivity. Often it’s used by women who have trouble getting aroused. Increasingly though it’s used by both women and men to spice things up. There are many different brands. Some brands use substances like peppermint or cinnamon to create the heat. Some use hemp or CBD oil. The idea is to squeeze out a small amount, like a drop or two, onto the clitoris. There is usually a fairly immediate sense of warmth in the clitoris and surrounding area. This helps to make the recipient more aroused as blood flow to the area is increased.

You might be wondering why I’m talking about arousal balm, gel or cream. Well, it’s because my next set of customers was an older couple looking for a very specific arousal balm. Thankfully we had it in stock. The one they purchased might not be our most popular one but it worked for her and she wanted more. Can’t argue with that. This picture is our most popular female arousal product. Note, men usually go for products that sustain their erection called delay cremes, gels, etc.

After this delightful couple there was a young man, maybe mid-20’s or so. He spent some time looking at the men’s Fleshlight toys. His complete purchase is a Fleshlight, a new movie, presumably to watch while using his new toy, and some water-based lube. If you have a Fleshlight toy, please only use water-based lube and remember to put some cornstarch on it once you’ve cleaned it after use. Silicone lube and improper care will significantly shorten it’s lifespan. Since they are fairly expensive, make sure to take care of your investment. Ultimately that’s an investment in yourself!

I love our frequent customers who are adventurous. This particular day there was a man who was looking for a strap on kit. He and his partner just wanted to try something different. Yay for them!

Next up was a man looking for a new cock cage as he was going to be traveling and his usual metal cage wasn’t going to get thru security at the airport. With one that wouldn’t set off the metal detector, he could still be in chastity while traveling.

Every now and then no matter where you work you have the customer who can’t stop their telephone conversation long enough to interact with the person waiting on them. My next customer was just that type of person. Thankfully he was getting something simple…3 packs of male enhancement pills.

Some of my my rewarding yet frustrating customers are women my own age. I’m never sure if they are just pretending to be clueless or actually are. Of course I ask qualifying questions to see what they are interested in so I know which way to go with suggestions. So often the answer is, “I don’t know” and they look at the male with them and ask what he wants. In my head I’m thinking, woman, take responsibility for yourself and your sexuality. I wonder how they made it into their 40’s or 50’s and don’t know whether or not they prefer clitoral or vaginal stimulation. Or possibly both using a rabbit vibrator. Not knowing their personal dynamic it would be somewhat inappropriate for me to say that. Instead, I continue to ask her questions and try as much as possible to ignore him or include him only if necessary.

This particular Sunday I had a couple come in who I initially thought would fit into the above situation. It turns out he wanted her to talk and tell me what she wanted but she just wouldn’t do it. After finally deciding on a bullet vibe she was sure to tell me that she would never use it outside of playtime with him and that she never masturbates. When she says that, I’m thinking…bullshit. Before I can even respond he says “I think she should, it might help her”. In my head I’m laughing but can’t say much, other than there is nothing wrong with masturbation. I wondered was she simply afraid to show her spouse that she’s a sexual being or had someone drummed into her that sex and masturbation are wrong. Or was it the third possibility, that she didn’t want the store employees to think negatively about her. If only she knew what we hear about in here. 🤭 Whatever the case, at least she left with a vibrator.

Usually there are a few customers that come in and don’t buy anything. On Father’s Day that turned out to be only two people/couples. Sometimes those people have never been in such a store and simply want to see what we have.

There were a few more pill customers and a few customers who bought some BDSM items like rope and handcuffs.

Near the end of the day a very pregnant lady came in to get a masturbator toy for her husband. Apparently his old one wore out. While we didn’t have an exact replacement she found one that was similar and off she went. It looked to me like the baby was coming soon. Maybe hubby was going to be as well..cumming that is. 😅

There were a few other customers but those are the most memorable. Stay tuned for more Adventures at the Sex Shop!

Countess Kassandra 💋💜🌺

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