It takes two to Tango…

It takes two to Tango, or does it? I guess if you mean it takes two fingers to hold and operate We-Vibe’s Tango then you would be correct. I just had to get myself a Tango after seeing other bloggers shout its praises. Also, my favorite handmade dildo maker Marco at Uberrime Dildos told me it’s the only vibe he uses in some of his creations. That all set up some high expectations that I wasn’t sure the Tango could live up to.

If you’ve read my reviews of the Anastasia vibrator by Luxe or Karlin by Maia Toys you know that my personal preference for orgasm is for a very strong clitoral vibe. Other vibes are pleasurable and definitely part of play time but for straight up masturbation or to climax during partnered sex I prefer a stronger vibe. The Tango fits that profile quite well. So well in fact that it currently is tied with the Bunnii from NuSensuelle as my favorite vibe. Over time I suspect that Tango will become my very favorite. If you prefer a lighter less intense vibration Tango may not be the vibe for you. Be sure to check out some of my other reviews as mentioned above for some ideas.

The Tango by We-Vibe was purchased at one of the stores I work in using my employee discount. As you can see in the pictures below it retails for $79.99. This sweet small but mighty vibe came fully charged thanks to our policy of fully charging all rechargeable products when they arrive in store. This way we know the products are working and the customer can go right home and use it! Just like I did! 😁

On the back of the very nicely presented packaging We-Vibe has noted the following “The most powerful mini-vibe”. They are spot on with that assessment. Tango comes securely nestled inside a sturdy box. After all it is precious cargo. It comes with a USB cord and charging cap to recharge Tango, user manual and a white satin carrying bag for storage or travel.

Other specs on Tango are:

  • Eight Modes
  • Low Power Alert
  • 90 Minute Recharge
  • One Button Pleasure Control
  • Up to Two Hours of Play
  • 100% Waterproof (not submersible)
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Body Safe (PC ABS Thermoplastic)
  • Free from Phthalates, Latex and BPA
  • Eco-Friendly, Carbon Neutral, Rechargeable Battery, Recyclable Packaging
  • One Year Warranty (if product is registered)
  • Easily Cleaned with Soap and Water
  • Use Water Based Lubricant Only

Using Tango is quite simple. Hold the one and only button down for 2 seconds to turn it on or off. Press the button to go forward through the various modes. As mentioned in the above list there are eight different modes. The first four of those are constant speeds (low, medium, high and ultra) and the last four are patterns (tease, wave, pulse and cha-cha). To say it is whisper quiet would be correct. Unless you leave it on a counter or table where it will roll around and make noise, so don’t do that.

All of the modes feel wonderful and which one you use will likely depend on your mood and what exactly you are using it for. If I’m with my husband I might like him to use the lighter patterns or slower speeds to warm me up a bit. If on the other hand I’m by myself and want simply to masturbate to orgasm I would go straight for the Ultra speed! 😁😁

Unlike some other bullet vibes I’ve used I didn’t feel like my hand was vibrating after using Tango. I found this rather surprising considering that the entire vibrator actually vibrates. Of course maybe that’s because on the Ultra speed it doesn’t take long to orgasm. 🤔 The user manual indicates using water based lube which is correct. However I’m not sure how necessary lube is since this vibe is not insertable, please use externally only. I personally do not need nor want any lube with this vibe. It’d just make Tango too slippery to hold onto. Or that is my experience. You may want to use lube and that is perfectly okay.

You’ll get about two hours of playtime on the 90 minute charge. One feature I really like about Tango is that it has a low battery alert so you aren’t surprised in the middle of playtime. Or worse right as you are ready to climax. Another great feature is the angled tip which allows you to really focus the intensity right where you want. Direct the rumble right at the target. That’s very different than the say a Magic Wand where the vibrations are more diffuse.

A big bonus for this particular bullet vibe is that you can use it in any toy that uses those cheap bullet vibes that use watch batteries. Have an inexpensive cock ring that doesn’t have enough power? Try using Tango instead. Maybe you have a dildo or butt plug that has a spot for an insertable bullet. Put Tango in and see how much better you like that toy.

Tango can also be used on nipples, the penis or any erogenous zones. Just don’t insert it into any body part as it doesn’t have a stopper/anchor. You don’t want any surprise trips to the emergency room.

I’m really impressed with this petite vibe. It may only measure 3.5 inches long but is loaded with power. Try it, you’ll like it! You simply need to decide whether you want Bright Pink or Blue!

EDIT: We-Vibe has been nominated for an XBIZ Award in the category of Luxury Brand of the Year! Nice job We-Vibe!

Get your own WeVibe Tango thru my SheVibe affiliate link. In the top right corner of their website put the term WeVibe Tango in the search bar and you’ll see the available color options.

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