No, not George Carlin, although I do wonder what he’d say about this “triple action” vibrator. Something profound I’m sure. I can only hope my review is the same.

I met the Maia Toys representative in the store I work in. She and her husband had stopped in to see how things were going. We chatted for awhile and I mentioned to her that I also had begun a sex blog with a focus on reviews. She suggested I contact various manufacturers to receive product in exchange for a review. So that is just what I did and I started with her company. Of course my review is not only of benefit to the manufacturer. I can also better and more knowledgeably recommend their products to customers in the store.

Maia Toys sent me the Karlin to review, which is a toy we don’t currently have in the store. Actually, we don’t have anything like it. Similar perhaps in some ways such as having dual motors or bunny ears. We have other vibes that have rotating beads but not like Karlin.

Quickly here are the specifications on Karlin;

  1. 10 functions (vibrating)
  2. 4 rotational speeds for the rotating metal beads
  3. Dual Stimulation (vaginal and clitoral)
  4. 100% Medical Grade Silicone
  5. USB Rechargeable
  6. 1 Year Warranty (register product at Maia.com/warranty within 10 days of purchase)
  7. Submersible

Charging Karlin is easy, just plug the cord in the bottom and charge like you would with your cell phone. A flashing light indicates the toy is charging. When fully charged the light will stay on. Additional information on charging is included in the product instructions. Keep track in your head of approximately how long you’ve used it. You don’t want to find out in the heat of the moment that it doesn’t have enough battery to go the distance. Especially since you can’t just pop in another set of batteries. That is one of the downsides to rechargeable toys though. The upside is very big, as in big power. 😁

I decided to try Karlin the same day I received it. Just like a typical child with a new toy I could hardly wait to try it. Hubby and I had an unscheduled play date so we could try it. As is typical when testing a new product, it doesn’t always go smoothly as there are a few different buttons on Karlin and we had to figure out what was what. Once we figured out what did what I found Karlin gave me wonderful sensations. There is a power button which you hold down for approximately 3 seconds to turn the vibrator off and on. There’s one button for the vibrating function and one for the rotating beads.

Some other companies make vibes with rotating beads most of which are near the tip or mid-section of an insertable vibrator. On Karlin the rotating beads are nearer to the base. This puts them near the vaginal entrance which I think feels different and delightful. There are 4 rotational speeds to cycle through. We had a bit of difficulty lining up the clitoral arm with my clitoris. That may be more a function of my particular anatomy. Another users experience will likely be different.

For some reason, perhaps I was too excited to try my new toy, I was unable to reach an orgasm with Karlin. Thankfully my old friend Hitachi, as in Magic Wand, was nearby and I used that to get over the orgasm hump. Hubby and I decided to give it a try on another night.

My initial thought after that first usage, was that for me specifically, Karlin is wonderful for use during foreplay but not for orgasm. I’m one of those women who need constant and strong clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm.

So try again we did a few days later. The shaft of Karlin is made of purple silicone and feels soft and smooth. It looks regal as well in the purple and gold color combination. Add some water based lube (very important) and you are good to go. It slides easily in and out and has a slight curve that may or may not line up with any particular persons anatomy. As mentioned earlier the rotating beads feel great. On this second usage we encountered the same issue as before with the clitoral arm/rabbit portion I had great hopes for the circular nubs but alas they simply don’t line up correctly for me no matter how far the shaft is inserted. The ears on the rabbit portion did however provide a nice tingly feeling. Make sure to wash the toy after use so that you can extend its usable life. A non alcohol based anti-bacterial soap is suggested by Maia Toys.

As much as I like the look, feel and idea of rabbit/dual style vibrators they just don’t get me off the same way a very strong bullet or wand style vibrator does. This vibrator is ideal for someone who like g-spot or vaginal stimulation. Also it’s great for someone who likes a softer touch. I do hear a lot of ladies in the store who remark that the bullet style vibes are too intense for them.

Thank you Lisa at Maia Toys for the opportunity to review this wonderful vibrator. I have no doubt that it can and will help many women improve their sex lives!

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