My how times have changed!

We get a lot of college students in the store I work at. It’s nearby to two colleges. What is surprising to me, as a 50-some year old woman, is how many college-aged females come in. Back in the dark ages, when I was that age adult boutiques weren’t so nicely named and were in areas of town that no woman wanted to be anywhere near, let alone seen in. Certainly there are still some in locations like that. The majority now, though, are in suburban corridors along with appliance shops, flooring stores, barbers, restaurants. They are out in the open and aren’t nearly as threatening as people think they are. Click here to see my blog post about a typical day to get a better idea of who comes in and what they buy.

Many college-aged men come in the store, sometimes with a female partner, more often without. That is not surprising. The number of college-aged women who come in was actually a bit stunning to me, but I suppose that’s because I grew up in a different era. Even my own generation was far more open and accepting than my mother’s era.

My own mother passed away years ago but my mother-in-law is still with us and I took her to my store one day on my day off. She’d never been in such a place either with or without my late father-in-law. She was apprehensive at first expecting it to be rather seedy. I’m happy to say that she was pleasantly surprised. I walked her around the store and showed her the various items we have, sometimes asking if she knew what something was used for or how it might be used. To say the look on her face would be like 😲 would be an understatement when I would explain a few of the items. Occasionally she would ask how I knew certain things. As I didn’t want her to know that my husband and I are a bit kinky, I told her I read a lot. Thankfully, that is also true.

I found her reaction to seeing vibrators most telling. Sadly, it’s one I have seen numerous times while working in the store. Her first comment was, “Oh, I could have never used one of those. (Insert husband name) would never have allowed it.”. Now guess who has the shocked look on her face…me. Apparently he wouldn’t have allowed it because it would have made him feel inadequate. When she told me that, I was so sad. I know they loved each other and that she intensely misses him, but I was angry that she was denied sexual pleasure because he would feel inadequate. I’m so thankful that her son, my husband, doesn’t feel that way. I love him even more when he assists me in product testing. Of course, who would think it a burden. Many of the toys we test benefit both of us.

This is where the the current college girls, in general, don’t quite understand how good they have it. They have the freedom to experience things that increase and improve their sexual pleasure and don’t need to worry about a man feeling inadequate or having to go into dangerous areas of town to pick out their new sex toy. Heck, they can even buy online if they want but I recommend actually seeing your prospective new toy in person to make sure you know what you are getting.

It makes me happy when the older women, those older than myself, come in, overcome their shyness and purchase toys so that they can at least enjoy their older years sexually satisfied. They are so grateful. Most are so timid when they come in the first time as they,  like my mother-in-law, have a vision in their head that is completely false. It doesn’t take long for them to relax and start to answer the questions we ask so that we can recommend the best toy for them.

One of my favorite ladies was a woman who was in her 70’s, according to her. Her husband had passed and she, I am quoting here, “Find myself with a younger lover and he is into toys”. My immediate response was, good for you! She knew absolutely nothing about toys but left with several new ones for she and her new partner to experiment with. You should have seen the smile on her face!

The college girls are also interesting because, for the most part, they aren’t shy. They know what they are looking for. Maybe not the exact toy but the type of toy. Thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey, they have no qualms getting bondage gear. Most of what we have is for lighter/entry level BDSM players. Their eyes light up when they talk about nipple clamps or spanking. Several have left with strap-on harnesses and dildos for pegging. I imagine there may be quite a few shocked partners when the new purchases are revealed.

One young lady recently purchased a remote control vibrating egg. She was so excited to get it, that right after she paid she went into the public restroom and inserted it. There was only myself, her female friend and one other customer in the store. We could all hear in her the bathroom going “Oh my god, oh my god”. During the process of deciding which toy she wanted it was made clear that she was completely into public play. For those not familiar with the term it means she wanted her partner or herself to use the remote control while she is wearing the device internally in public. It’s like having a dirty secret that no one knows but you and your partner.

It’s hard to imagine a woman from my mother’s generation, maybe even my own, being so bold at that age. I’m sure there were probably some but they were the exception. It seems the tables have been turned on that with the younger generation. That is a wonderful thing!

Sometimes I tell the younger women how lucky they are and after I tell them a couple of stories they are in complete agreement.

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