A day in my life at the sex shop!

A typical Sunday, was supposed to be a slow easy day. Or so I was told when hired. For sure there is nothing difficult about working in an adult boutique. One must be able to speak freely and knowledgeably about all things sex related. If one can’t do that please do not apply. Every Sunday I’ve worked has been busier than what I had expected and I LOVE it!

There are moments of down time, like right now, so I can write my blog, update social media, or do busy work in the store. The shelves don’t stock themselves that’s for sure. Currently I’m all caught up on that, so blog time it is.

They told me my Sunday’s would consist mainly of men coming in to buy male enhancement pills, x-rated movies and the occasional person buying a toy. I’m going to disagree. My Sundays are rarely like that.

Let’s take today for example. At five minutes to opening, there are already 2 vehicles in the parking lot waiting for me to unlock the door. One of those customers is in fact, the aforementioned male enhancement pill buyer. In fact, at about 2 hours into my 7 hour day I’ve had several of those. So that part is true

The other customer in the parking lot is actually a couple. Turns out they are looking to purchase a new toy. After spending about 10 minutes with them and talking about different vibrating cock rings they purchased one and some lube and off they went.

Today must be dildo day as several customers have purchased one. As of early afternoon I’ve not yet sold a “traditional” vibrator. Vibrating dildos yes, but not traditional female vibrators for vaginal insertion or clitoral stimulation. I suspect the day will produce such a customer.

About noontime, there was a very nice woman that came in to look at strap-ons. I have no idea who she is using it with, nor do I care. As long as it is a legally consenting adult. Sometimes people offer that info, sometimes not. After looking at various starter sets she opts for the more expensive leather harness as it seems sturdier to her. Now the search for the right dildo begins. I show her several different ones. We are attempting to ascertain what length or girth she’s wanting. After a few minutes she decides on a bright pink 5″ long, thick dildo by NS Novelties. Their dildos are very nice. I myself am partial to the Colours Soft line. I jokingly call them “stress dildos”as their texture and squishiness are similar to that of a stress ball. Everyone should own a “stress penis”. Contact me if you need direction on where to purchase one. I’ve included some pictures below for you to enjoy!

It seems that it always gets busy between 3:30-5:00pm. Today is no exception. Just before that though, was a man looking to replace his broken vibrating silicone dildo. He wanted to look at some different ones before ultimately deciding to get one identical to the one needing replacement.

During the busy time I hardly have a chance to breathe, let alone diary the transactions. So, let’s see there was one man looking for a penis extension. For those not familiar, this adds either length, girth or both to the penis via a cover or sheath over the penis. He also looked at and wanted to see several dildos. This man seemed like the type that those of us who work here describe as creepers, just looking so they can hear us say sexual things or watch us touch the toys. After spending about 45 minutes looking at items in the store he finally decided which penis extender to buy. So perhaps he wasn’t a creeper. Or was he? Because he actually asked me if it was true that women preferred sex without a condom. Sheesh.

Next up is a couple looking at lingerie. They don’t need any assistance and purchase several different outfits for her.

They are followed by a young lady, perhaps a bit over college aged who is ‘just looking’. We have a conversation about how nice our store and employees are, compared to one of our local competitors. I show her the ‘Stress Penis’ and we have a nice laugh about it. She really likes it and will be back another day to purchase it in purple. She leaves the store with a new strap-on harness and a 6″ silicone dildo to use with it. She commented on how she wanted to get a bigger one but didn’t want to scare her male partner. Excellent choice!

Here comes another contestant on “What happens in the sex shop”. This time we have a mid-50’s man who seems like one of the time waster types I mentioned before. He’s asking lots of questions, which I answer. The questions are about different types of vibrators. More specifically the more expensive vibrating cock rings. I seriously think men just like to hear the female staff say the word cock ring. He leaves after about 10 minutes with a bottle of male enhancement pills.

One other type of customer we see frequently is people on vacation. Sometimes they’ve forgotten their toys and sometimes they’ve purposely left the toys at home. The latter is usually when they are traveling by air and don’t want TSA to see or confiscate their toys. Today I get to meet a lovely lady on vacation from a few states away. They are traveling by car and just want to get some toys that they can’t find where they live. She’s amazed at our selection and says they’ll be back again before they leave. Her purchases today include anal beads; which she has never tried, cock rings for her husband and some flavored lubricant.

As she leaves a young man, maybe late 20’s comes in. He looks around and then asks if we carry Fleshlights. Apparently he didn’t see the large display right behind him. He looks them over after I show him where they are. After picking out one of the ones modeled after a porn star he comes up to pay with that and some cock rings. He adds some water based lube to the bill.

Now it is time to go through the closing procedures of cleaning and such. The store closes in about 30 minutes.

Before I can get started on the nightly cleaning in comes what turns out to be the last customer of the day. It’s a friendly young man, perhaps late 20’s-early 30’s. We chat for a few minutes about food. Our conversation then turns to the life size sex doll available for purchase. We talk about who is the ideal buyer for it. We talk about sex robots and then he wanders down to the dildo section. Yes, it’s most definitely dildo day. I show him a few different dildos. It takes looking at a few to really decide what length and girth one wants. His purchases include the dildo, a new bottle of lube and male enhancement pill.

You may remember that earlier I said I’d probably have a customer purchase a traditional vibrator. Well, I was correct. There was one very nice lady who purchased a small bullet style vibrator as well as some cock rings for her husband. According to her he was too shy to come in the store. Usually it’s the opposite if one spouse is allegedly in the car.

After he leaves I have just enough time to clean and finish up the necessary duties to close up and leave for the night.

All in all it was a great day. Sales were nearly triple the $300 figure I spoke of at the beginning of today’s blog entry.

Thanks for reading and I’d love to read your comments! Countess Kassandra 💜

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