Punished Panty Boy Chapter 1-The Trap

Panty boy finds himself alone, again, in his condo building laundry room. For months he has been stealing the sexy pink panties from his neighbor Josie’s laundry. Thus far he has not been caught. Either by other neighbors or his wife. As a result he’s become less careful.

Today, Josie has set a trap to find out who has been stealing them. The laundry room is slightly below ground level so she’s able to peer in the window to see if anyone else is in the laundry room. She picked the washer and dryer on the far side of the room so that the thief will have his or her back to the window.

Josie doesn’t see anyone enter the laundry room during the wash cycle. After placing her clothes in the dryer she leaves out a brand new pair of crotchless pink panties, the only kind to go missing. These never go in the dryer because they’d shrink. Next she goes outside to watch through the window. It isn’t long before she sees her neighbor Todd enter the laundry room.

Josie hasn’t interacted much with Todd nor his wife Lynn. He and Lynn keep to themselves most of the time. They are good neighbors though, not noisy and don’t cause any trouble. So she doesn’t think much of it when he enters the room. He doesn’t look like a panty thief. Then again, what exactly does a panty thief look like she thinks to herself.

It’s then that Josie sees her 50-something neighbor pick up the pink panties that she’d left out. He slowly examines them. They are light pink and crotchless with lace around the top and a string of pearls going down the front. The pearls gently tease Josie’s clit when she wears them. The mere thought makes Josie wet. She watches intently to see what happens next. Todd holds them up to his waist, as if he were checking to see if they would fit.

Todd opens up the only running dryer in the room and rummages through it to see what else he can find. It is then that Josie decides to go back inside to confront him and see if he will confess that he’s been stealing her panties. The question is, has he been stealing them for himself or perhaps for his wife. The thought of the latter makes her cringe. It’s far sexier to think he wants them for himself. Todd is a nice looking man. He’s mid-50’s or so. Somewhere around 6 foot tall with a slim build. His hair is greying, a little more salt than pepper and he has light eyes. Maybe he could rock a pair of pink panties.

Josie enters the laundry and walks swiftly toward Todd and says “Excuse me there neighbor. What exactly are you doing with my panties in your hand? Not only that but you were going through the dryer. Were you looking for more?” All Todd can mutter is “Uh uh…these are yours? I thought they were my wife’s.”.

Josie finds that unbelievable and asks him how stupid he thinks she looks. Just because she’s blonde doesn’t mean she’s stupid. In fact, she runs her own successful business. She then says “Several pairs of my pink crotchless panties have gone missing in the last six months. It seems someone has an affinity for them. What have you doing with them?”.

Taking Josie’s rather stern facial and body language into consideration as well as her threat to get his wife involved Todd finally confesses that it was he who stole the panties.

He tells Josie “Ever since I was a young teenager I’ve been obsessed with women’s panties. Especially frilly lace and pink ones. I find the crotchless ones work better with my cock and balls.”. Todd further explains that he has never told anyone else about his panty fetish, not even his wife. He’s not sure how she would feel about it and he doesn’t want to lose her as he loves her.

Josie decides it’s time for Todd to learn a lesson or two. Poor Todd has no idea what he’s in for. As Josie is into domination.

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