Who shops at a sex toy store?

One question I often get, when people find out where I work is “What is the clientele like there?”. Or “Who goes in there? Must be a lot of creepy guys.”.

The reality is, that the people who go into an adult boutique, often referred to as the sex shop, are the same people you see in the grocery store. It’s doctors, lawyers, construction workers, bankers, office workers, nurses, bloggers and even retired people. It’s quick service restaurant employees. It’s college students. It’s mothers and fathers, maybe even your mother or father. It’s people in every occupation you can think of. It’s people.

Sure there is the occasional creepy guy. Most of the time though, he seems creepy because he’s socially awkward and has difficulty talking to people. He might coming in to get a male masturbation toy to use while he watches online porn. Or maybe…who knows and who cares. He’s a human being and as long as he treats the employees with respect we don’t care how creepy and awkward he seems.

More often than not though it’s couples coming in to spice up their sex lives. We see couples in every stage of a relationship. Those dating or friends with benefits (FWB). Newlyweds to those married for decades. These couples can be of any sexual orientation and gender. We don’t care and don’t ask. It’s a judgement free zone.

My personal favorite though, is the recently widowed older woman who wasn’t allowed, when her husband was alive, to have toys for her pleasure. Yes, you read that right and it will be another blog topic of its own shortly. Let’s just say, that often she leaves the store with several toys, that she can use to have an orgasm with. It might just be the first real one she’s ever had.

I do need to disclose that the stores I work in have merchandise sales only. There are some stores elsewhere that have viewing booths and the clientele at those locations may have a different make-up.

If you’ve been curious about an adult boutique I say come on in, the water is fine. We don’t bite and there is no pressure to buy anything. If you have questions about things you see in the store, the staff will do their best to answer them. You can even call ahead of time to make sure the location nearest to you only sells merchandise.

Visit your local adult boutique, you might find you like toy stores again!

Countess Kassandra

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