Rockie is a Champ

Yes, I went there. Do you hear the Rocky theme song in your head right now? I know I do. Anyhoo, this Rockie is vastly different than the one played by Sylvester Stallone.

This dual motor vibrator is one of my personal favorites and as such is one I like to recommend while working at the adult boutique as it’s a good value. The Rockie by VeDO retails in our store for $96.99 (USD). As you might suspect I purchased it at a discounted price, lucky me! I chose Purple, as it is my favorite color. It is also available in Fuschia. Honestly it was difficult to decide which color to get as both are gorgeous. Ultimately I decided a Countess deserved Purple, the color of royalty. Kidding, I’m kidding. I’m not really a Countess, or am I?

Okay, lets get back to the review. Rockie is easy on the eyes and has a very nice feel when you touch it. The packaging describes it as velvety soft. Seems accurate to me. It is made from Silicone and ABS plastic and does not contain phthalates, which makes it body safe. Yay!!

The packaging is quite nice. Inside of the recyclable exterior packaging is a color corresponding tray which holds this beautiful vibrator. Underneath the tray you’ll find the small instruction booklet and the USB charging cord.

As mentioned earlier Rockie has dual motors. One for vaginal penetration and the other for the beloved clitoris! Each has 12 vibration modes. I love the versatility as you can have both motors on or only one if you so choose. If both motors are operating they can each be running a different mode. Maybe you want constant high stimulation on the clitoris and a pattern inside the vagina. Or vice versa. Either way Rockie can handle it!

The shape of Rockie is ideal for G-Spot stimulation as it has just a little curve on its flexible body. Your clitoris will be caressed by a soft little nub. I found Rockie was very easy to use. Each motor has its own on/off buttons and they are easily reachable should you be playing solo. Use it during foreplay if playing with your partner. I suspect your partner will enjoy the sights and sounds while operating Rockie! Mine sure did.

Rockie is easily rechargeable via a USB cord and according to the documentation is completely submersible. Be sure to use lubrication on the insertable portion. I prefer Swiss Navy brand Silicone lube. Always wash your toys immediately after use so they last longer. There are many toy cleaners on the market. I happen to have a 100% toxin free soap at home that I use instead.

Oh and if you are ‘Gonna fly now’ or travel some other way Rockie has a handy travel lock so it doesn’t accidentally turn on at the wrong time.

As long as you are ‘in the mood’ it won’t take Rockie long to have you feeling like a champ!

I would love to hear your thoughts