Love this Bunnii!

The store I work in has probably over 100 different vibrators and that’s just the ones for women.  We also have couples, men’s and anal vibrators.  After working there a little while, I’ve developed a wish list of toys I’d like to intimately try.  Holding them to my own hand or a customer’s hand doesn’t give the full picture.

Today I bought, at a discount, one of my wish list items, the Sensuelle Bunnii by NuSensuelle/Novel Creations. The Bunnii has the same power as the Sensuelle Point. Their product line is one of my favorites. There’s something for every budget range from $39.99 up to $129.99. The Bunnii comes with a one year warranty. Most of NuSensuelle’s vibrators are rechargeable using a USB cord although a few do use batteries.  The Bunnii is rechargeable and packs quite a punch.  It is easy to turn off and on by holding down the button on the bottom for 2 seconds. Use the same button to cycle through the 20 functions/patterns.  You are sure to find several that will give you the desired results.  The Bunnii is very quiet so you definitely won’t be waking up your children.  Unless you are a screamer when you orgasm.

I chose the Pink Bunnii.  It also comes in Purple and Blue which looks more like Mint Green to me.  It’s size is perfect for solo and partnered play.  I did give it a test run today and was very pleased with the results…several orgasms.   I am looking forward to using it tomorrow during partner play with my handsome husband. The Bunnii ears did exactly what I had hoped.  If you like nipple stimulation you must try the Bunnii on your nipples. You won’t be disappointed!

Some of my customers have commented that they were concerned that the Bunnii ears would feel too strong on their clitoris.  As I hadn’t yet had personal experience with the Bunnii, I was not able to give much direction on that. I found that the ears are very flexible and soft.  They don’t over vibrate nor cause any numbness which some customers have feared.

The Bunnii comes beautifully packaged as you can see in the attached photos.  There is a very nice satin storage bag which is perfect for travel.  Or for hiding the Bunnii in your nightstand drawer.

I’ve been wanting a vibrator similar to this for awhile and am very pleased with the Bunnii!

Specs on the Bunnii; ABS, medical grade silicone, suitable for water or oil based lubricants,

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